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Editorial: I Wonder if It’s True!
Practical Techniques of Counseling, Selected
The Preacher’s Devotional Life, Paul Updike
Pastor, Can You Take it? Oscar F. Reed
Christianity, the Only True Religion, Joseph T. Larson
In the Valley of Decision, Milton J. Peden
The Blood-marked Way, L. C. Philo
Academic Freedom and Nazarene Schools, Richard S. Taylor
The Genius of Entire Sanctification, George Frame
Facts Every Minister Should Know About Karl Marx and Communism, Harold W. Reed
Pastor-Evangelist Relations (A New Feature), Our Roving Evangelist
Wesley’s Resolutions Are Good for Us, A. S. London
Illustrations, Selected by Leewin B. Williams
A Challenge to the Church, Henry B. Wallin
Advice to Ministers, Free Methodist Advance
Sermon Outlines, Paul Hoornstra
Increasing Church Membership, Sylvester A. Smith
Ideal Pastor—1951 Model
Ushers Are Made, Not Born (Part I), Leslie Parrott
Usable Poetry, Selected
Quotes from Recent Books

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 26 Number 01