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Cover — N. B. Herrell
Doctrine Is Not Deadly, J. Kenneth Grider
The Offering and Announcements in Worship (XIX), Editorial
The Preaching of N. B. Herrell, James McGraw
The Secret of Assurance and Freedom, Arthur Hedley
Appreciation, Pauline E. Spray
The Sinner’s Next Move (III), Earl E. Barrett
Sure Way to Succeed in Ministry, E. O. Chalfant
The Preacher’s Public Prayer, S. L. Morgan, Sr.
The Criterion of Salvation, H. Ray Dunning
Calling on the Sick, the Aged, and the Bereaved, E. E. Wordsworth
Gleanings from the Greek New Testament, Ralph Earle
Eleven O’clock Evangelism, Milo Arnold
“Queen of the Parsonage,” Ruth Vaughn
Some Observations, A. S. London
Ministers and “The Ethics of Correspondence,” R. E. Joyce
“Let Me Suggest,” Brian L. Farmer
Dedication of Hymnbooks, Joseph L. Bright
“Unspoken Requests,” Flora E. Breck
Why the Same Old Story? An Evangelist
Sermon Workshop, Nelson G. Mink
Sermon Starters
Preaching Program
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Preacher's Magazine Volume 36 Number 07