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Publication renamed, “The Nazarene Preacher”

“. . . a Time to Preach,” General Superintendent Stowe
The Ambidextrous Preacher, Editorial
Protecting Those Study Hours, Editorial
“In These Times . . . God Is Able,” Ralph A. Mickel
Cliches and Sacred Concepts, J. C. Dobson
The Mystery of Personality, Raymond C. Kratzer
Ministerial Sad Sacks W. C. Schurman — as I Knew Him, C. T. Corbett
He Could Have Made It Biblical! Practical Points
What Do We Do About Evolution? Franklin P. Butler
The Kingly Way, Frankie Roland
The Lonely Evangelist (poem), Earl C. Williams
Is the Old Man Merely a Temporal Somewhat? Ross E. Price
Gleanings from the Greek, Ralph Earle
A Right Manly Faith, T. Crichton Mitchell
Correct Prayer Form, Alvin R. Aller
Servicemen’s Day (Idea), Thelma Eye

Pastor’s Supplement
The Preacher’s Wife
In the Study
Gleanings from the Greek
Timely Outlines
Ideas That Work
Bulletin Barrel
Here and There Among Books
Preacher’s Exchange
Calendar Digest
Among Ourselves

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Church of the Nazarene, sermons, preaching, holiness, full gospel, intercultural, missions, Wesleyan theology

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Biblical Studies | Christian Denominations and Sects | Communication | International and Intercultural Communication | Liturgy and Worship | Missions and World Christianity | Practical Theology | Religion

Preacher's Magazine Volume 45 Number 10