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The Resource of the Retired, General Superintendent Stowe
Does the Name Make a Difference? Editorial
How to Stay in the Pastorate and Like It, Milton Harrington
Some Thoughts on Pastoral Priorities, G. Lewis Van Dyne
A Renewed Emphasis on the Preaching of Holiness, Otho Jennings
Too Busy to Be Courteous? An evangelist
It Takes More than Tools, Milo L. Arnold
Twenty Years of Concern Paid Off! Practical Points
Classics of Devotion (II. Imitation of Christ), Ross W. Hayslip
What Are We Serving? R. E. Maner
A Speaking Relationship, Mrs. R. Edgar Johnson
A Letter to the Bereaved, Jesse Turner
A Shock That Changed My Ministry, Robert G. Green
Memo to Myself, Rene Colaw
The Serpent and the Sword, W. E. McCumber

Evangelistically Speaking
Pastor’s Supplement
The Preacher’s Wife
Faith in Action
Gleanings from the Greek
Timely Outlines
Idea Sparks
Bulletin Barrel
Here and There Among Books
Calendar Digest
Coming Next Month
Among Ourselves

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 47 Number 08