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An Invitation to Your Future, Neil B. Wiseman
Church Growth Starts Here, Donald McGavran
Church Growth—Is It a Passing Fancy?, Raymond W. Hurn
Four Priceless Gifts You Can Give Your Church, Win Arn
Preaching and Church Growth, Bill Sullivan
Biblical Authority and Church Growth, Morris A. Weigelt
The Behavioral Sciences and Church Growth, Paul R. Orjala
Church Growth Research—The Why and How, John C. Oster
Church Growth Through Church Planting, Kent Anderson
12 Tips for Church Growth, Lyle E. Schaller
An Odyssey, Marilyn Millikan
Incarnational Preaching, Oscar Reed
Routine Visitation Vs. Pastoral Care, Milton E. Poole
Wesley’s Doctrine of Man, R. Larry Shelton
Can We Afford the Ho-hum Sunday School?, Wayne Christianson
Staff Minister Miseries, A Youth Minister
How to Grow as a Pastor’s Wife, Patricia Wood
Entire Sanctification: Instantaneous—Yes; Gradual—No, J. Kenneth Grider
Lulled by High Ideals, John Henry Jowett
Evangelism in the Eighties—Praying for a Great Revival, Hugh Gorman
A Deliberately Redemptive Life-style, Morris A. Weigelt
Liberation Theology: What Is It?, Albert Truesdale

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 55 Number 04