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A Little Old Lady’s Question, Neil B. Wiseman
Worship as the Recognition of the Holy, William M. Greathouse
Person-Oriented Worship, Gary Allen Henecke
Worship: More than a Spectator Sport, Neil B. Wiseman
My Complaints About Worship Services, A Layman
The Pastor in Cross-cultural Worship, Charles E. Crosby
The Pastoral Prayer in the Worship Service, Vernon L. Wilcox
What About the Benediction?, Andrew W. Blackwood
Music in Worship, Robert E. Crabtree
The Wesleyan Evangelical and the Lord’s Supper, Daniel N. Berg
Children at the Lord’s Table, Paul Merritt Bassett
The Nature and Meaning of Baptism, H. Orton Wiley
On Putting Off the Baptismal Service, Leon Skinner
Who Speaks for God?, William Boggs
Celebrating Chosenness, Morris Weigelt
The Incredible Resurrection: Mandate for Faith, Clark H. Pinnock
An Easter Psalm, Lois Dodds
Why Not Influence Television Instead of Being Influenced by It?, Jim Wilcox
Preparing for Revival, Hugh Gorman
Touchstones in Pannenberg’s Thought, Albert L. Truesdale
“Sent to Raise the Dead,” George E. Failing
Praise the Lord with the Sound of the Trumpet, Jim Willis
“Have You Come Near the Cross?” Warren Wiersbe
A Glimpse into the Life of a Pastor’s Wife, Venita Hancock

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 55 Number 03