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Prayer Meetings and Changing Times, Neil B. Wiseman
The Surprise of the Incarnation, Lance Webb
What Makes the Midweek Service Work?, Gordon Wetmore
The Midweek Service as an Arena of True Fellowship, Randy Michael
Ten Surefire Ways to Kill the Midweek Prayer Meeting, Harry A. Rich
The Missing Link in Congregational Life, Tom Nees
Wednesday Prayer and Share, James D. Conner
The Wesleyan Roots of the Midweek Service, Rob L. Staples
The Pastor and His Prayer Meeting, Forrest Whitlatch
Midweek Meditations, compiled by Wesley Tracy
How to Make the Midweek Service Popular and Profitable, C. E. Cornell
Who Cares About Theology Anymore?, C. S. Cowles
Leave My Word Alone, Howard Culbertson
Maintaining Choir Interest the Year Round, Dale E. Kendall
Evangelism in the Eighties, Hugh Gorman
Preaching the Old Testament, Charles Isbell
Radio: Tool or Toy, Randy Sly
Come Before Winter, Clarence Macartney
Paul: A Model of Christian Holiness, Morris A. Weigelt
There’s an Angel in My Backyard, Janice Fish
Don't Eat the Daisies—Plant Them, Neil Hightower
The Wesleyan Syndrome, Clarence Bence
The Pastoral Office (Historical Introduction by Carl Bangs), P. F. Bresee

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 55 Number 02