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What Is Ministerial Success?, Neil B. Wiseman
Leading New Converts into Entire Sanctification, Melvin McCullough
What Happened at Aldersgate?, Peter W. Gentry
Aldersgate Still Happens, C. F. McKee
Sanctification — Ceremony Vs. Ethics, H. Ray Dunning
Holiness and the Prayers People Pray, Riley Laymon
An Anonymous Voice from the Past, Merrill S. Williams
The Doctrine of the Sanctifying Spirit in John Wesley and John Fletcher, Timothy L. Smith
Women Preachers and Evangelical and Holiness Roots, Donald W. and Lucille Sider Dayton
The Crisis of Sanctification, J. B. Chapman
Some Guidelines for Building Holiness Sermons, Richard S. Taylor
What Makes Pastoral Counseling Different?, Bruce Howell
Seed Thoughts for Stewardship Sermons, Morris Weigelt
Wesley and His Opposition, Donald S. Metz
The Interpretation of John 17:17-19, Frank G. Carver
How to Have Joy When You’ve Just Dropped an Egg on the Floor, Junior Can’t Find His Other Shoe, and the School Bus Is Coming, Betty Knight
Put Yourself in the Place of Every Poor Man, Donald D. Wood
Thank God for God, David A. MacLennan
A Banker’s-Eye-View of Church Loans, David B. Moyer

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 55 Number 01