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Image, Prestige, and Other Important Ministerial Qualities, Neil B. Wiseman
A Prayer for Our Lay Teachers, Samuel Young
We Really Do Need the Sunday School—Don’t We?, Neil B. Wiseman
How Pastors Can Have Sunday Schools Which Are Alive and Well, Leslie Parrott
The Changing Face of the Sunday School, Richard Spindle
The Sunday School Has Had a Great Childhood, Richard Lint
Wanted: Radical Moral Development in the Church, Donald M. Joy
A Few Things Every Pastor Should Know About Our Sunday School Curriculum, Robert Troutman
What’s Right with the Sunday School?, Kenneth S. Rice
The Pull of the People, J. N. Barnette
Can Religion Be Taught?, H. T. Reza
Home-centered Learning and Sunday School Ought to Be More than “Just Friends,” Paul S. Hontz
The Teaching Ministry of the Pulpit, Kenneth Culbertson
Christmas Eve, 1944, Martin Niemoller
To Spark a Fire, G. Roger Schoenhals
Wouldn’t You Love to Be a Model?, Marjorie Goslaw
How Shall I Preach to Teens?, Stephen Manley
The Pastor and Senior Adults, Melvin Shrout
How to Build a Church Staff, David R. Grant
Troubleshooting in Holiness Doctrine, J. Kenneth Grider
John Wesley—Preacher to the Poor, Donald Metz
Wesley on Fasting, Clarence Bence
The Interpretation of Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Frank Carver

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 54 Number 02