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Assistant Missionary, Wesley Tracy
The Church’s Task, L. Guy Nees
Compassion Fatigue, Charles Gailey
Holistic Missions: Toward a Better Understanding, Paul S. Rees
A Time for Sowing, Gene Williams
What Is the Pastor Supposed to Do About the Missionary Organization?, Phyllis H. Brown
Why Missions?, John Smee
When No Means Yes, Rod Trim
Keep Your Church Alive Through Missions, W. C. Dishon
Is There Magic in Missions?, Helen Temple
What’s Happening in Missions?, Paul R. Orjala
Called of God—an Archaism?, Jay E. Hunton
How to Keep from Snoring During a Missionary Service, Stephen M. Miller
God’s Protest and God’s Celebration, Jurgen Moltmann
Double Tax Benefit for Home-Owning Clergy Revoked by IRS
The Art of Sermon Building, Richard E. Phelps
Red Jacket and the Missionary Walking in the Spirit, Wilbur W. Brannon
John Wesley and Creative Synthesis, Melvin E. Dieter
Lonely and Learning, Anonymous
Encounter with Glory, C. S. Cowles

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Church of the Nazarene, sermons, preaching, holiness, full gospel, intercultural, missions, Wesleyan theology

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 59 Number 03