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The Minister as a Clown, Wesley Tracy
David in Goliath’s World, Jon Johnston
The Pull of the Rural Pastorate, John D. Moles
I Pastor a Small Town, Felix Vigil
What Are We Besides Small?, Norm Shoemaker
Rural America—A Good Place to Pastor, Harlan Heap
Curing the Small-Church Complex, Donald P. Mentch
Three Things I Would Tell My Son if He Were the Pastor of a Small Church, Kenneth E. Crow
Identification—Leadership Style for the Small Church, Mike Jackson
Pastors Can Be Fulfilled in Small Churches Too, E. W. Pannier
The Personal Growth of the Small-Church Pastor, Wilbur M. Brannon
Developing Objectives for the Local Church, Lyle Pointer
Notes on the Relationship of the Small-Church Pastor and Denominational Leaders, Bill Sullivan, David Holtz
Pastoral Care in the Small Church, Ben LeMaster
Should Pastoral Demands Change with the Times?, J. K. Warrick
Pastoring a Wounded Church, Name Withheld
How a Pastoral Evaluation Sheet Improved My Ministry, David Waltner
Is Visitation an Option?, Homer Adams
In the Middle Is Not Good Enough, Clarence L. Bence
Are You Ready for the Harvest?, D. W. Hildie
The 1983 Social Security Reform and the Local Church, Dean Wessels
Feed My Lambs—Not the Giraffes, Morris Chalfant
There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, Ray S. Anderson
Hubby’s Salary—Blessing or Curse?, Anonymous

Suitable for Framing
The Preacher's Exchange
‘Twas the Night Before Monday
Unlikely American Hero
Sermon Illustrations
Today’s Books for Today’s Preacher
New Testament Word Studies
Sermon Outlines
The Ark Rocker

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 59 Number 02