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Of Stars and Candlesticks, George Failing
The Madness of the Ministry, James E. Means
A Skeletal Warm-Up, Garland Wallace
Personal Miracles Available, John W. May
Is It True What They Say About God?, Nina Herrmann Donnelley
Missions: Dead or Alive—The Choice Is Yours There Is No Substitute for Theology, A. W. Tozer
Pain: Catalyst for Christian Holiness, Donald M. Joy
Job Description: You Are Now a Trustee, Ralph J. Ferrioli
Job Description: You Are Now a Steward, Ralph J. Ferrioli
Does Your Church Need a Computer?, Jim Christy
I Am Not Afraid of Denominationalism, Robert Hudson
How to Hold a Congregation Without a Rope, Raymond C. Kratzer
Holiness— Love It and Live It, Bud Reedy
We Are Moving Again, Frances Simpson
John Wesley and Social Holiness, Bob Black
Fishing, John M. Drescher
Our Time of Testing, Stacey Harrison
The Death of Fanny Grimes
A Master’s Degree
Can the Minister Avoid Social Security Taxes?, Paul Fitzgerald
The Shepherd Must Know the Sheep, Harry D. Russell

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