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Did Jesus Really Eat Yogurt?, Wesley Tracy
Christ the Lord, Robert A. Raines
Preaching from the Book of Judges, Joseph Coleson
Biographical Exposition: How to Preach on Bible Characters, Oscar F. Reed
Deborah and Barak: For Times like These, C. E. Baldwin
Gideon— Commissioned by God, Albert J. Lown
Abimelech—The Bramble King, T. Crichton Mitchell
Sermon Starters on Samson, David L. Martinez Jr., Michael E. Grimshaw, Jeffrey Sparks, C. L. Newbert, John E. Beegle Jephthah, R. T. Kendall
Grace in the Book of Judges, Alvin S. Lawhead
The Pastor’s Aptitude for Attitudes, Rendel Cosand
Church Planting: New Testament Style, Herbert McGonigle
The Minister’s Study Habits—or Lack There of, Don Budd
How to Ruin Your Life with “How To” Books, Steve Perry
Case Studies for Discussion and Reflection, James D. Glasse
For Gracious’ Sake!, Catherine Lawton
The World Is God’s Parish, George E. Failing
Bring the Staff with You?, Kenneth Vogt
From the Pulpit to the Pew, Name Withheld
Tax-free Furnishings Allowance, Paul Fitzgerald
The Church and Copyright Ethics, Thomas J. Purchase
The Pastor’s Call to Vanity Fair, R. J. Gould
Idle Time: What to Do with It, A. Tired Brother

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 58 Number 03