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Change Agent! Who? Me?, Wesley Tracy
Does God Really Expect Us to Witness to All These Strange People?, Jerry L. Appleby
Changing Ministries for Changing Communities, Joseph N. Holloway
Ethnic Evangelism, Greg Haleblian
Where Is Samaria?, Sylvester Ballard
Church Growth in Changing Times, An Interview with Peter Wagner
Measuring Receptivity and Resistance to Church Growth, Lyle Schaller
Where Is Your Church in the Life Cycle?, Jere Allen and George Bullard
Blacks and Whites and the Holy Spirit, An Interview with Charles Johnson
Helping New Converts Change Life-styles, Wilbur Brannon
Helping the Poor: A Barometer of Our Faithfulness, H. Mark Abbott
Changing Strategies for Leaders, John Gardner
How Your Church Can Change Its Image in the Community, John C. Oster
Advice to the Not Yet Perfect, Clarence Bence
Our Hope Is in the Coming of the Lord, Donna Fletcher Crow
Come Alive, Francis of Assisi, J. Kenneth Grider
Miracle Sunday, Judy Cummins
Case Studies for Analysis and Reflection
The Ministry of the Spirit in the Life of Prayer, Alex R. G. Deasley
Car Expense Deductions, Paul Fitzgerald
The Sermon Workshop

Suitable for Framing
We Get Letters
The Preacher’s Exchange
Old Testament Word Studies
New Testament Word Studies
Today’s Books for Today’s Preacher
The Ark Rocker

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 58 Number 02