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Advice Is Cheap -- and Valuable, Wesley Tracy
The Pastor’s Role in Public Worship, Gene Bartlett
Leighton Ford on Evangelism, An Interview
Presenting the Sermon, Merrill Williams
What Should Your Congregation Pay You?, Joe Huddleston
The Faith of Islam, John B. Nielson
What Do You Make of Baptism?, Wil M. Spaite
The Grandeur of the Pastoral Ministry, Roy S. Nicholson
Pointers for a Nursing Home Ministry, J. Grant Swank, Jr.
The Fellowship Community, Stephen Gunter
Reflections on the Journey, C. Neil Strait
Helping the Church Board Function Successfully, D. Eugene Simpson
The Local Church Board Planning Retreat, D. Eugene Simpson
What to Do When the Senior Pastor Leaves, Jim Johnson
Sunday School: A Natural for Community Ministry, Robert E. Bingham
Wesley on the Use of Money, R. Larry Shelton
The Future State of the Lost, Charles W. Carter
I Would Rather Have a Housing Allowance, Wendell Garrison
Do the Scriptures Teach a Second Crisis?, John A. Knight
Winning Is Tough to Beat, Dana Walling
People in Darkness Have Seen a Great Light, Dwight Swanson
Theology and Evangelism, Charles R. Shumate
Blessed Are They That Mourn, Wesley Sullivan
The Call of God and Human Leadership, Kenneth Vogt

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 57 Number 04