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A Sinner Once, but Now Adopted, Wayne E. Caldwell
Reflections on Preaching Christian Holiness, Oscar F. Reed
Proclaiming Holiness to a New Generation, John Hay, Jr.
Jesus Christ Humanizes Holiness, John Hay, Jr.
Let’s Hear It Again, David B. McEwan
How to Lead Believers into Sanctifying Grace, Wesley Tracy
Divorce: Unacceptable, but, Paul Merritt Bassett
And How Can They Hear?, Michael E. Williams
Centennial of the Birth of Karl Barth, J. Kenneth Grider
Toward a Theology of Ministry, Clyde W. Loew
Confessions of a Compassionate Coward, Steve Weber
Richard Casey, Lois Blanchard Eades
Distinctive Ministry to Your Community, Greg Mason
Tide Pool People, Mark A. Holmes
Issues of the Heart: Who Raises Them?, David F. Nixon
The Last Report, Paul Buchanan
On Not Missing the Water Until the Well Runs Dry, William E. Stewart
Wesley’s Crisis Management, Timothy Kauffman
John Wesley’s Views on Public Worship, Don A. Glenn
What Shall I Bring?, J. Michael Walters
Advent Now, Dallas Mucci
The Meaning of Immanuel, David L. Cubie
One Woman’s Attempt to Create a Predictable Parsonage, Jayne Schooler
Our Broken Body, Richard K. Eckley

Suitable for Framing
We Get Letters
FINANCE: Workers’ Compensation Laws and the Local Church
The Preacher’s Exchange
Today’s Books for Today’s Preacher
Sermon Outlines
New Testament Word Studies
The Ark Rocker

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Preacher's Magazine Volume 62 Number 02