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Ministering to Divorced Persons, Jerry W. McCant
Divorce Among Evangelicals: Preventing the Problem, Harold Ivan Smith
Counseling Families of Stroke Victims, Jack D. Anderson
The Unitive Functions of Christian Preaching, Wesley Tracy
The Teaching Ministry of the Pulpit, Richard J. Bisson
Facilitating Community: One Congregation’s Experience, Bill Barnes
Journey, L. G. Gordon
Pastoral Transition: An Occupational Hazard, Carl Green
Voted Out!, Marcus R. Briggs
Tread Lightly, Pastor, Esme James
Spiritual Formation: Christ Formed in Us, V. James Mannoia
Regular Social Security Checkups May Prevent a Retirement Heartbreak The Musician as Pastor, Priest, and Prophet, Keith Schwanz
Being Dead, Yet They Speak, Wayne E. Caldwell
Developing a Healthy Christian Education Program, John R. Cionca
The Pastor as a Writer, Stephen A. Bly
Case Studies for Reflection and Discussion A New Place to Grow, Debbie Goodwin
How Evangelistic Work Helps Me to Lose, James N. Watkins
A Methodological Guide for Interpretive Bible Study, Frank G. Carver
Our Pastor Makes House Calls, Neil Hightower
All I Want for Christmas Is a Day by Myself, J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Preaching Program for Advent and Christmas, Edward F. Cox

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Ark Rocker
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Preacher's Magazine Volume 61 Number 02