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Spring 3-2-2018

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Scholarship of Discovery


This research compared the development process of different technologies. These technologies were native iOS, native Android development, and Xamarin. Each of these technologies were testing using their recommended development tools. Each technology was used to create calculator application to meet a minimum specification. These specifications were that the calculator would have basic arithmetic functionality. The application needed to do all of these things through button presses and be able to display the output as well. The data analysis was time based and the duration necessary to complete each application. The research concluded with some interesting results. The expected results of native application development being superior to Xamarin forms wasn’t as straightforward as originally thought. The development process yielded positive results for Xamarin in regards to time to develop who applications for multiple platforms. The result was a functional application for each platform. The Android and iOS development also yielded promising applications but not in the same timeframe as Xamarin. Xamarin ultimately reigned superior over the other methods.

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