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Spring 3-1-2018

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Scholarship of Interdisciplinary Integration


This project was designed to create a program that can interface with user input through a keyboard to produce sounds through the use of the MIDI protocol. The goal functionality was to have the unit be able to interface with a Nintendo Entertainment System to produce synthetic sounds along with sampled sounds through the MIDI protocol. However, this goal was not able to be achieved due to technical limitations. Due to this, the sound of the A203 chip was emulated through use of sampled instruments using MIDI. The goal of this project initially was to also include a USB keyboard hybrid built into hardware that would act as a controller. Due to technical limitations, this goal was also not met. In addition to the above, this project was done in part to fulfil the requirements for an Interdisciplinary Minor, which blends Computer Science with another field of study. This field for the project was Music. Through the study of the MIDI protocol and interfacing with the user, the project took the form it needed to and accomplished its goals during the course of study. In this paper, the limitations of each part that built the NESynth will be analyzed to show how understanding these limitations brought the solutions that make the project what it is, an exercise in limitations.

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