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Fall 2013


In response to the essay prompt: "If you knew you could not fail as a leader, what would you attempt to do for Jesus?"

By the end of elementary school, I knew two things about my life. I wanted to be a nurse, and God wanted me to be a missionary. It would take me a while to understand that God, being a good God, could take the desires of my heart and use them to serve Him on the mission field. If I knew I could not fail as a leader and if I had God’s blessing, I would become a foreign missionary, living life with another people group. I visualize myself reaching out to the incredible people in an African village or using the Spanish-speaking abilities the Lord has given me to live with the beautiful people in an area of South America. Whether or not a small clinic is exactly what the Lord has for me, I pray for God-sourced strength to follow wherever His plans direct.


Third Place Winner in the 2013 Reed Leadership Student Essay Contest