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Doctor of Education (EdD)



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Dr. Houston Thompson

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Dr. Craig Bishop

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Scholarship of Discovery, Scholarship of Interdisciplinary Integration, Scholarship of Community Application


Leaders struggle to address shifting characteristics between generational cohorts in a multigenerational workforce. Research has shown that law enforcement culture supports an antiquated approach to leadership and that popular generational stereotypes are not consistent with behaviors in the workplace. This research was designed to help the law enforcement community understand generational values, beliefs, and work ethics, and to recommend ways to reduce generational stereotypes, address employee shortages, and improve the overall connection to their communities. The Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire II was used in an online survey to anonymously collect data from 441 law enforcement participants within the Baby Boomer, Generation X, and Millennial cohorts. A quantitative analysis was conducted using Welch’s ANOVA and Tukey’s HSD post hoc analysis. Findings for Emotional Demands F(2, 438) = 7.627, p = .001, h2 = .034, Influence F(2, 438) = 9.985, p < .001, h2 = .044, and Predictability F(2, 438) = 3.035, p = .049, h2 = .013 were statistically significant. Millennials seemingly interpret the law enforcement work environment differently from the other two cohorts, but it appears Baby Boomer and Generation X leadership require more understanding of generational characteristics and its applicability to Millennials in the workplace. As agencies struggle to recruit, hire, and retain employees, future research could emphasize the need for leaders to account for generational differences when modifying policy, procedures, and practices. The need for additional generational research in law enforcement still exists.

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Worked in law enforcement for 17 years in agencies ranging from a major metropolitan police department with over 3000 officers in the Southwest to a sheriff's office with over 130 deputies in the Midwest. Gained experience working in positions ranging from patrol to command. Earned an A.S. in Behavioral Science, B.S. in Criminal Justice, M.B.A. in Management, and graduated from the 264th session of the FBI National Academy. Interests include law enforcement, leadership studies, social media, public relations, community engagement, and politics.