CULTURAL DIVERSITY AWARENESS: Perceptions of Community Resident and Police Personnel

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


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Craig Bishop

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This study examined the difference in self-reported perceptions of cultural diversity awareness between two specific groups, community residents and police personnel, within a Midwestern city’s community and police department. This study also measured how their attitudes related to their likelihood to assist in enhancing the goals of community policing, which includes the prevention of crime. Literature cited demonstrates that social injustice toward African Americans and Latinos, cultural diversity ignorance, miscommunication, and lack of trust between community residents and police personnel are indicators that their relationships require positive solutions toward repairing a historically strained relationship. The Miami University Diversity Awareness Scale and the Intercultural Sensitivity Scale were utilized to measure cultural diversity and intercultural sensitivity which was the focus of possible resolutions. Using an Independent t-Test analysis, there was no significant difference in the perception of cultural diversity awareness between the thirty-one community residents and forty-three police personnel. Intercultural sensitivity was positively correlated with cultural diversity awareness. Notably, using a Spearman Rho analysis, results indicated that cultural diversity awareness positively correlated with self-reported responses from the two specific groups which further provide law enforcement and community residents with material for discussion which can enhance transparency and provide a systematic way of reducing crime and disorder; adding to a collective acceptance in a multicultural society.

Key Findings

The targeted focus of this research was to discoverer if there were similarities and dissimilarities in the self-reported perceptions of cultural diversity awareness between community residents and police personnel.

This research also sought answers to the extent in which cultural diversity awareness is associated with intercultural sensitivity and the mentioned groups’ likelihood to contribute to improving the goals of community policing within communities.

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Professional Biography

Vickie Minnifield Greene is currently a member of a law enforcement agency serving as a Detective Investigator within a large urban Metropolitan city. She has dedicated her life to serving and protecting communities and residents for over 29 years.

In addition, Vickie has vast experience as a real estate broker and community activist. She has been a consultant of cultural diversity awareness, a visiting instructor and mentor at various law enforcement agencies and organizations.

Vickie has a deep passion for bringing community residents and police personnel together in order to solve neighborhood crime problems by working in unity to develop positive relationships through cultural diversity awareness.

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