Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)

First Advisor

James O. Upchurch

Second Advisor

Scott Armstrong

Third Advisor

Houston Thompson

Scholarship Domain(s)

Scholarship of Discovery


This study collected data both quantitatively and qualitatively on athletes’ perceptions of their current coaches and whether these perceptions influenced individual performance and team satisfaction as perceived by the athlete. Athletes at two community colleges participated (n=145) in the quantitative portion, the Athletes’ Perceptions of Effective Coaching Traits Questionnaire (APECT-Q), along with five being interviewed. Overall, on the APECT-Q it was found that athletes at the two schools felt their coach’s behaviors/traits did moderately to strongly influence their performance and team satisfaction. Conclusions and implications from both a theoretical and empirical perspective were discussed in an effort to continue to enhance and understand the coach/player interpersonal dynamic.


Ed.D. dissertation completed in 2010 for Olivet Nazarene University.