Projects posted here have been recommended by faculty in the School of Education. They were originally created as course assignments.


Events from 2023

Kappa Delta Pi Student Teacher Panel, Dawn Schwarzkopf

Events from 2022

Kappa Delta Pi Student Teacher Panel, Drew Atkinson, Esme Avila, Stella Barrera, Kyra Blair, Payton Dezur, and Kellie Randazzo

Events from 2021

KDP Student Teacher Panel, Joanna Alvord, Alyssa Coffman, Jennifer Jackman, Audrey McDaniel, Jana Gabriele, and Macey James


Why social studies matters: Historical thinking in the classroom & beyond, Margaret Houts and Sabrina Bogart


Charting Uncharted Waters: Special Education in the Days of COVID, Tonya Peterson, Brian Stipp, Ruth Reynolds, Joanna Alvord, Maribel Bolivar, Abigail Wakeley, Kaylee Leeuw, Carter Ferguson, Ashlyn Pacer, Maddie Manganiello, Emily Justice Mantor, and Kellie Randazzo

Essential or Optional? Effects of Creative Writing on Expository Skills and Attitude in Middle School Students, Nicole Samuelson

Events from 2019

Break the Mold Middle Schools - Student work from EDUC 214, Ruth Reynolds

Events from 2018


Exploring The Relationship Between Connectedness And Language Acquisition For Middle School English Language Learners, Kasey Johnson

Events from 2017


Hispanic Students and their Parental Involvement in a PALS Program, Pricila M. Popolo-Foth


Trending Emotional Disturbance: Strategies through the Years, Hannah M. Rattin


The Significant Influencing Factors of Xenophobia, Ryan T. Wagner

Events from 2016

Student Teacher edTPA Panel, Student Teacher Candidates