Events from 2023

Audience Appeal Through Poetic Devices in a Medieval Poetic Old Testament Narrative, Karen Knudson

Events from 2022


Experiencing History: A Roundtable Discussion of Architecture, Theatre, and Culture of England, Elyse Lamszus, Andrew Hoag, Riley Basick, Katherine Bosma, Autumn Bruens, Alaina Durr, Cynthia Morales, Madelynn Norton, Laura Rankin, Benjamin Ridler, Remington Ross, Lia Shomaly, Anna Shoup, Kaitlyn Tibbetts, Becca Witvoet, and Emily Yerge

Events from 2021


To Grade Or Not To Grade: Hybrid Assessment Through Grading Contracts, Kayla Bruce

Events from 2019


“Glossing” the Text: Gendered Biblical Interpretation in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Karen Knudson


The Use of Chinglish (Chinese-English) in the Public Places in China, Kashama Mulamba

Service-Learning Projects: Shifting the Narrative from I to We, Beth Schurman

Events from 2018


Can the Holy Grail Teach Us About Holiness?, Karen Knudson

Events from 2017

Solomon-Magus: From Wise King to Legendary Magician, Karen Knudson

Native Americas: A Transnational and (Post)colonial Study of Indigenous Women Writers in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean, Elyse Lamszus

Events from 2016

Waiting for the Barbarians: A Case Study in Contemporary Literary Theory, Rebecca Belcher-Rankin

Cultural Proficiency: Can We Build on Difference?, Kristy Ingram

Submissions from 2011


Elizabeth Gaskell: A Discovered Link, Rebecca Belcher-Rankin

Submissions from 2010


Bakhtin's Heteroglossia and Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, Rebecca Blecher-Rankin

Submissions from 2009


Social Beliefs for the Realization of the Speech Acts of Apology and Complaint As Defined in Ciluba, French, and English, Kashama Mulamba

Submissions from 2008


Narrative Authority in Hawthorne's "The Ambitious Guest", Rebecca Belcher-Rankin

Submissions from 2007


From Flags in the Dust to Absalom, Absalom!: Faulkner's Development for the Center of Consciousness, Rebecca Blecher-Rankin

Submissions from 2004


Social Spaces: Family Secrets, and Today's Students, Rebecca Belcher-Rankin