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This project will be on the Nutrition and Health side of Kensing where we manufacture Vitamin E. The problem for the students to solve will be the lack of secondary containment for our dewaxing building. The building uses acetone to thin the vitamin E for filtering to remove pesticides. We used to have onsite waste treatment, so the acetone could go right to our process sewer, but the onsite waste treatment has since been removed. If acetone goes to the process sewer today (i.e. if a spill were to occur), we would be fined by the city. If we plug the trench to prevent acetone from going to the city, we create a flammable atmosphere in the dewaxing room. The material that goes into the trenches would be considered hazardous waste and not reworked for GMP reasons. If they decide to use an existing tank, they need to worry about RCRA implications.


Faculty advisor- Dr. Keith Schimmel

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