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In collaboration with the Baja SAE club, this senior design team is tasked with designing and fabricating a Baja vehicle with the goal of competing with competitive success in a 2021-22 Baja SAE Collegiate Design Series competition. The project will include all aspects of the vehicle, including but not limited to: roll cage, suspension, steering/control, and drivetrain. Also, a goal of the project is to design the vehicle with the future AWD/4WD Baja requirement in mind, while making every effort to meet that goal for this upcoming Baja competition. The team will also manage the ONU Baja SAE Club which includes but is not limited to creating a competition checklist to ensure reliable operation during competition, coordinating the work assignments for club members not on the senior design team, preparing all required documentation/presentations to SAE, and ensuring the team’s vehicle adheres to all rules outlined in the official Baja SAE Rules.


Faculty advisors- Dr. Joseph Schroeder and Dr. Camilo Giraldo

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