Submissions from 2020


The Light of the Middle Ages, David Duwal

Events from 2017

Constitutional Interpretation in Galloway v. Town of Greece, Ryan Marcotte

Events from 2016

A Home for Those without a Home: An Understanding of the Impact and History of the Thomas Indian School, Jennifer M. Christensen

The Changing Nature of Catastrophe: A History of Semantic Shift, Justine A. Von Arb

Submissions from 2013


A Theodicy of Redemptive Suffering in African American Involvement Led by Absalom Jones and Richard Allen in the Philadelphia Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793, Kyle Boone


The Effects of FDI and AID on Development in Latin America, Jesse Michael Mezera


The True and Established Royal Line: Henry VII's Legitimization of the Tudor Dynasty, Rachel M. Taylor-Bork

Submissions from 2012


Seeing with Their Investments, Minds, and Hearts: Relief after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the Lessons We Can Learn from It, Ann Hugo