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Karen Knudson

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Andrew Hoag

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Spring 2021

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Scholarship of Discovery


This thesis focuses on a modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night which aims to emphasize the importance of gender equality as a moral imperative in the 21st century. In the original play, Shakespeare writes a story that draws attention to gender stereotypes in the Elizabethan age through his use of character representation. However, much is to be said about how these stereotypes in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night are applicable to the 21st century. Thus, this study is applied to a modern adaptation of Twelfth Night which tells the story of a young woman named Vivian. In this story, Vivian pursues her desire to start a business but is faced with financial issues in which she seeks a job under a misogynistic boss named Owen, who questions her ability to succeed in the business world. Yet. Vivian’s mature influence brings about a change in Owen’s perspective on stereotypes in gender roles and thus, proves herself to be a strong, independent character. In this modern adaptation, I intend to present Shakespeare’s focus on gender stereotypes but also highlight equality between men and women. Although Shakespeare does not put much emphasis on gender equality in his play, I wish to accentuate it as an important factor in my adaptation. Therefore, in this thesis, gender roles in both the Elizabethan age and the 21st century are explored in depth to critique gender stereotypes and promote equality between men and women.

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