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Scholarship of Interdisciplinary Integration; Scholarship of Faith Integration


This thesis illustrates the development of the Christian historical fiction novella named Καθαρός set in the early fourth century of Christian history closely following the events of the Great Persecution and its long-term effects on Christian communities in Asia Minor and North Africa. Previous Christian novels set in the Roman era primarily focus on the first century, and with the significant thematic potential found in later centuries after the life and resurrection of Christ, I embarked on this writing project. The research that affects my narrative is separated into four categories: the history and effects of Diocletian’s Great Persecution, fourth-century churches in Carthage and surrounding North African regions—particularly the nature of the Donatist Schism and its anthropological history, the early reign of Constantine the Great and his interactions with the church, both catholic and otherwise, and the Council of Nicaea and its impact on Christian history going forward. Effort was taken into researching the development of novel writing and historical fiction and its many facets as well.

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