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This project is an attempt to create an original piece of fantasy literature that neither relies on the works of other authors, nor follows any how-to guide or formula for its structure and style. My work is grounded in a lifetime of exposure to classical works of fantasy and a firm grasp of the elements of fiction. However, as much as possible, I chose to avoid influence from other works of fiction during time of writing, abstaining from reading any novels during that time. Furthermore, I chose to write without consulting any set of instructions, and later collaborate with an experienced professional within the field during the editing process. This was to ensure that my work would be both free from undue outside influence and of high quality. I started by writing preliminary work about the world, the characters, and the races (non-human races being a common element of fantasy). Learning from both the elements of the preliminary writing that worked and those that failed, I progressed into writing the narrative. The final product is the first nine chapters of a fantasy novel, totaling nearly thirty-five thousand words. Reviews by both professional and amateur readers, from both those on the inside and the outside of the genre have not been devoid of critique, but have nonetheless been overwhelmingly positive, making this project a success, and proof that any person who has a story to tell and the willingness to work as hard as they can and put their heart into telling it can create a work of art that is truly worthwhile.


Honors Capstone Project completed in 2012 for Olivet Nazarene University.

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