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The purpose of this research was to assess the impact of marital enrichment materials on marital happiness. In addition, the study attempted to determine if gender or number of years married made a difference in regard to the impact on marital happiness. The participants consisted of 56 New Life Christian Church members (28 male and 28 female) who comprised 28 married couples. Participants were randomly assigned to either the control or the experimental group. Every participant took a pre-test survey designed to assess marital happiness across ten different variables. Then the experimental group completed the Love Talk study by Les and Leslie Parrott over the course of eight weeks. At the end of the eight weeks, all of the participants took a post-test survey identical to the pre-test survey. It was hypothesized that participants in the experimental group would see a significant increase in their marital happiness after participating in the study, while the marital happiness for participants in the control group would remain the same over the eight weeks. A 2 X 2 Factorial Analysis of Variance was conducted on these data and a significant effect was found on some but not all of the ten marital happiness variables for participants in the experimental group. These results show that marital happiness is positively affected by marital enrichment materials.


Honors Capstone Project completed in 2013 for Olivet Nazarene University.