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The pornography industry gains new ground and pushes new limits every day in an effort to raise revenues and demand. When pornography is evaluated as an efficient business, the potential for dehumanization, physical and emotional degradation, and the deterioration of a person’s spiritual and relational health become possible. On a small, Christian campus like Olivet Nazarene University (ONU), discussing topics as harmful and popular as pornography should be simple. However, the mindset of fear and silence when admitting weakness as a Christian can deter progress. Through a voluntary survey distributed to current undergraduate students, an overview of the student knowledge, perceptions, and connections to pornography were found. This information was applied by consulting with spiritual leaders on campus to brainstorm realistic, feasible plans of action to most effectively enable students to defend against a culture in which pornography is increasingly prevalent. The results found that not only is pornography a highly shared and misunderstood problem at ONU, but there are many ways students, spiritual leaders, and faculty have attempted to focus on attacking the issue, many of which have failed to generate student response or have disbanded. The primary missing factor is effective collaboration, marked by good intentions but poor follow through. The concept of a Brothers’ Night is created to establish an atmosphere of communication that enables students to invest personally in conversation and progress. Brothers’ Night is a multi-tier approach which embraces the ability of a small, religious college to feel like a part of a family. There is no room for silent addiction or hypocritical Christianity as a part of the Christian brotherhood.


Honors Cohort graduating 2016

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