Step-By-Step Guide to Conducting a Social Profile for Watershed Planning

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This workbook has been created to provide a general overview of the importance of social issues to the watershed planning process and also provide detailed guidance on how to access these issues in individual watersheds. The workbook will help individuals and watershed communities with varying experience levels to

  • evaluate the importance of social issues when developing watershed management plans;
  • conduct a social profile that identifies and provides information about key social issues in the watershed; and
  • prepare the content for the human dimensions of the watershed management plan.

This workbook will guide you through the process of identifying reveled social issues collecting information about them, and summarizing this data in your watershed management plan; in other words, the process of conducting a social profile. Even though this seems like a large task, taking time to integrate these social issues into the planning process is essential for developing a successful and effective watershed management plan.

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