The Kankakee River Yesterday and Today

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"Again and again residents of the Kankakee River Basin in Illinois had voiced concerns about the degrading quality of the river — particularly from sedimentation. By June 1978 it was clear — the myriad problems of the Kankakee basin could not be solved without more technical information. The amount, the source, and the physical mechanisms involved in the movement of sediment though the river basin were not known — nor the effect of this sediment on water quality and the many uses of the river."


A paper copy of this report was donated to Olivet Nazarene University by the Black family. Benner Library's Digital Initiatives staff found the original content online and is providing a link to that source.

J.R. Black was an advocate for the conservation of the Kankakee River and spent many years collecting data and working with multiple organizations to preserve the Kankakee River Valley.

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