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This is a booklet of maps and photos of plans for riverfront parks along the Kankakee River. It was donated to Olivet Nazarene University by the Black family. J.R. Black was an advocate for the conservation of the Kankakee River and spent many years collecting data and working with multiple organizations to preserve the Kankakee River Valley. The original document is protected under copyright so it is not available online. In order to arrange in-person access, please call the Benner Library main number (815) 939-5354 and ask for the Digital Initiatives Librarian.

2_DSC_2237.jpg (1543 kB)
Lavasseur Park

2_DSC_2240.jpg (1542 kB)
Fisherman Park and Bird Park (North)

2_DSC_2242.jpg (1676 kB)
Bird Park (South)

2_DSC_2245.jpg (1463 kB)
Alpiner Park

2_DSC_2247.jpg (1497 kB)
Legion Park

2_DSC_2249.jpg (1174 kB)
Jeffers Park

2_DSC_2251.jpg (1521 kB)
Cobb Park

2_DSC_2254.jpg (1576 kB)
River Road Park

2_DSC_2256.jpg (1569 kB)
Potawatomi Park

2_DSC_2257.jpg (1582 kB)
Goselin Park

2_DSC_2259.jpg (1515 kB)
Railroad Bridge Park

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