Kankakee River Area Assessment Volume 4: Socio-Economic Profile; Environmental Quality; Archaeological Resources

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The Kankakee River Area Assessment examines an area situated along the Kankakee River in eastern Illinois. Because significant natural community and species diversity is found in the area it has been designated a state Resource Rich Area.

This report is part of a series of reports on areas of Illinois where a public-private partnership has been formed. These assessments provide information on the natural and human resources of the areas as a basis for managing and improving their ecosystems. The determination of resource rich areas and development of ecosystem-based information and management programs in Illinois are the result of three processes--the Critical trends Assessment Program, the Conservation Congress, and the Water Resource and Land Use Priorities Task Force.


This report is the fourth of 5 reports about the Kankakee River Area. It was donated to Olivet Nazarene University by the Black family. Benner Library's Digital Initiatives staff found the original content online and is providing a link to that source. J.R. Black was an advocate for the conservation of the Kankakee River and spent many years collecting data and working with multiple organizations to preserve the Kankakee River Valley.

The link provided for access to this document will take you to IDEALS (Illinois Department of Electronic Access to Learning and Scholarship). From there, the document is available to download.

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