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The presentation will provide a brief history of the Kankakee River Basin and a discussion of its current problems. Infonnation will be provided regarding the outstanding diversity of the area in tenns of its flora and fauna and its natural habitats. The threat to this unique ecosystem presented by sedimentation from various sources both within Illinois and Indiana will be explained. The projects already begun and funded through the Conservation 2000 program in the Kankakee Basin will be described and linked to the Kankakee Basin Stewardship Plan's goals and objectives. Specific attention will be given to the "Stateline Project" which is being developed in cooperation with the IDNR , U.S. Corps of Engineers , and Basin Partnership. Once approved and authorized , this project is expected to involve sand bed removal , wetland restoration, and reestablishment of mussel beds in an area of the Kankakee River adjacent to the Indiana- Illinois state line in a remnant of the once huge"Grand Kankakee Marsh". This project will test new technology for sediment removal and other restoration techniques. The presentation will include slides of various features of the Kankakee basin.


The date, 1998, is inferred from document text.

This paper was filed by J.R. Black in a folder titled"Presentation Information Kit"

J.R. Black was an advocate for the conservation of the Kankakee River and spent many years collecting data and working with multiple organizations to preserve the Kankakee River Valley.