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An increasing number of university and college libraries have started digitization programs and there are good reasons why they are doing so. First, we are in the middle of revolutionary change as to how ideas get published and distributed. Over 50 percent of scholarly publishing has gone digital and over 20 percent has gone open access. Governments worldwide are beginning to require tax-supported research be published in open access venues. Secondly, it is imperative that they increase their Archives’ digital presence. Preserving institutional histories is currently being lost because of the entirely digital way academics now communicate and many archives continue to preserve only paper records. While all non-research-oriented institutions of higher education do produce some scholarship, they should also consider what local information their schools create that could also be published and made available digitally worldwide. Librarians are perfectly placed in our society to know quality research materials so we need to be a part of new publishing solutions. It’s wise to step up now, create new initiatives to be a part of the new information provision scene. It may just help to save the library as an educational institution and center for institutional historical preservation.


Hippenhammer, Craighton. "The Importance of Digitization in Teaching-Oriented University and College Libraries." The Christian Librarian 56.2 (2013): 52-56. Print.