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Summer 2007

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Scholarship of Discovery, Scholarship of Interdisciplinary Integration, Scholarship of Community Application


Three homes claim the title of “House of a Thousand Candles” based on connections with Meredith Nicholson, the author of the 1905 bestseller of the same name. This article makes the case for the home in Culver, Indiana, located on Lake Maxinkuckee, which Nicholson never owned, rather than the other two, one in Indianapolis and the other in Denver, which he had. This version of the article closely mirrors the original one published in the journal Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History, Summer, 2007, except that it includes an excised paragraph and footnotes and excludes published photographs.

House of a Thousand Candles.ppsx (15655 kB)
Powerpoint presentation given to the Antiquarian and Historical Society of Culver.