Events from 2023

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching/Learning Session for Criminology and Nursing, DeAnna VanKuren Dr., Mary Nehls Dr., and Shelly Stroud Dr.

Can Exam Anxiety Be Reduced Through Targeting Nursing Students’ Learning Styles?, DeAnna VanKuren Dr., Brooke Piper Dr., and Mary Nehls Dr.

Events from 2018


Developing a Holistic Self-Care Plan for Nurses in a New Nurse Residency Program, DeAnna VanKuren

Events from 2017

What Makes Them Stay? A Study of Nursing Faculty Persistence, Tiffany Greer

Events from 2016

Intimate Partner Violence Screening in Retail-Health Clinics: The Views of the Family Nurse Practitioners, Suzanne Herrera Phipps

Submissions from 2010


Stroke Protocol and Patient Outcomes, Patricia A. Nielsen

Submissions from 2009


Student and Faculty Perceptions of a University Faith Mission in Courses Using Classroom, Distance, or Hybrid Instructional Delivery Modes, Susan Esther Odell Draine


The Impact of Simulation in Nursing Education on the Self-Efficacy and Learner Satisfaction of Nursing Students, Rosalie E. Tuttle