Events from 2020


Parent Perspectives of Perceived Racial Bias in their Adolescent's Pediatric Healthcare Experience in Emergency Rooms, Ashleigh Godby

Barriers to Pregnancy Health Care Perceived by the Hispanic Community in the Northern Midwest, Anna King

Events from 2019


Stress Reduction: Mindful Mandalas, Olivia Parrott, Carolyn Gillespie, Krystal Klag, Eleke Bonsi, and Jenn Smith

Events from 2016

Comparing the Effectiveness of Health Curricula in Low Socioeconomic Contexts, Abigail E. Allen

Hunger and Life: A Nutritional Needs Assessment of Children in the Dominican Republic, Barbara Budach

The Changing Healthcare Roles of Behavioral Health Professionals and Benefits of Contemporary Education and Training, Jaimie Chen