Date of Award

Summer 7-2019

Degree Type



Earth Science

First Advisor

Dr. Stephen Case


Namibia has significant potential as an astrotourism destination. A handful of sites are already utilizing the region’s clear, dark skies to draw tourists and establish a viable business model. These sites include the Gamsberg Observatory, NamibRand Nature Reserve, Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Hakos Guest Farm, and Tivoli Astrofarm. The establishment of future professional astronomical research facilities on the Gamsberg Mountain Plateau will also likely add to the attraction of tourists interested in viewing Namibia’s dark skies. The best months for astronomical observing in Namibia are the dry winter months between June and September, which correspond to peak seasonal visits for hunting safaris. Each location of the Jamy Traut Hunting Safari exhibited excellent conditions for viewing. It would be inexpensive for a service like the Jamy Traut Hunting Safari to implement Namibia’s dark skies as an additional service or amenity offered to guests to both draw additional visitors to the sites or enhance their safari experience.