Events from 2021

Believing in love: Intellectual humility and well-being, Reuben L. Lillie

Submissions from 2020


Redefining Districts: Fulfilling a New Model for Administrative Boundaries in the Church of the Nazarene, Reuben L. Lillie and Charles L. Perabeau

Submissions from 2016


A World of Difference: Wesleyan Tradition and the Scientific Method in Global Contexts, Reuben L. Lillie and Charles L. Perabeau

Conflicting Concepts of Pentecost: The Nazarene Response to the Azusa Street Revival Shapes Their Future Relations with Pentecostalism, Robert Doyle Smith

Submissions from 2015


Punctuation in Public Worship: The Semiotic Language Within Our Liturgies, Reuben Lillie

Submissions from 2001


Is Intending Causally Related to Foreseeing?, Kevin Twain Lowery

Submissions from 2000


Toward a Cohesive Account of Reid’s Scientific and Moral Self-Evident Principles, Kevin Twain Lowery