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GOOD EVENING, COLLEAGUES, SPOUSES AND FRIENDS! Tammy and I welcome you to the 71st Annual President’s Dinner, begun in 1950 by ONU President Harold Reed.

Few traditions last so long! Our forefathers and mothers drove to their version of this gathering listening to Elvis in the car, then sped home to watch Leave It to Beaver on black-and-white TVs.

More remarkable, few organizations last so long as Olivet. Since the 1950s, nearly 9 of 10 Fortune 500 companies are … gone! But this month, we welcome students for a 114th consecutive year. Not even the most severe challenges have interrupted our service to students over the years — not near bankruptcy in our beginnings, fire, tornado, nor COVID.

So tonight, nestle in. Remember God’s faithfulness to Olivet, and our fidelity to her great cause. The world still needs Olivet — and you!

Dr. Gregg and Tammy Chenoweth

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Faculty Member of The Year

Dr. Dan Sharda, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences

Staff Member of The Year

Kyle Olney, Director of Emergency Management and Systems Librarian