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Good evening! We are so pleased to welcome each of you to the annual President's Dinner for Faculty and Staff. Some of you have been a part of the Olivet family for a long time, while others are joining us for the first time this evening.

Together you form an outstanding group of men and women who come together as a team of colleagues to fulfill our mission of providing an "Education With a Christian Purpose." Tonight we gather to begin the new academic year and to recognize some significant accomplishments and milestones in the lives of particular members of the faculty and staff. Please take time to review the list of honors and accomplish­ments in the program. We also come together to unify our hearts and wills for the work which lies ahead of us. What a great challenge, what an opportunity! We hope you will enjoy the evening, and we look forward to a great year.

Jill and john Bowling

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Faculty Member of The Year

Kathy Zurbrigg, Director o f Benner Library and Learning Resource Center

Staff Member of The Year

Phyllis Harris, Assistant to the Registrar