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Good evening! What a joy to gather from across campus for the annual President’s Dinner. This moment marks the formal beginning of a new academic year, our 101st year! We are setting our sights on the upcoming months with hope and optimism. This will be a great year.

The theme tonight is The Faces of Olivet. Our time together this evening will help us get to know the new members of our faculty and staff (new faces) and to celebrate some personal milestones as listed in this dinner program.

Our work is a shared responsibility, and each person’s contribution to the life and ministry of the University is vitally important. The mission statement printed to the left helps define who we are and what we are called to do. Take a moment to read through the statement as you think about your work this year.

We are so pleased that you are part of the Olivet family. We hope you have a wonderful evening and a productive and joyful year. We love you!


Jill and John Bowling

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Faculty Member of The Year

Dr. Jeff Bell, Professor, Department of Music

Staff Member of The Year

Dianne Schaafsma, Director of Financial Services