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Good evening, everyone! The Annual President’s Dinner for Faculty and Staff is an Olivet tradition that stretches back well over fifty years. Tonight we gather as colleagues and friends to set our sights on the horizon as we mark the beginning of a new academic year.

Each of us has the great privilege of being part of the work of Olivet. The University is not only a place; it is first and foremost a people — a people with an identity, a mission, and a focus on what we can accomplish together. You are Olivet!

Please take a moment to read the mission statement and think about your role in making that statement a living reality. It is my hope that our time together this evening will give each of us the opportunity to renew our commitment to the mission of the University.

You will also want to note the various accomplishments and milestones noted throughout the dinner program.


John and Jill Bowling

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