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Tammy and I welcome you to this 72nd President’s Dinner! That’s a long tradition. Just think of how many professional forefathers and mothers held the position you now occupy. Think of their steadfast dedication to our great cause, their grit during challenge, their timely talent consecrated to God through this place and for these people. Thank you for carrying the torch forward, for our time. Tonight we enjoy the theme, “A Fruitful Community.” The tense and sour American culture makes this Olivet community, by contrast, quite life-giving! Yet imagine an even deeper joy as we become an especially fruitful community. Our special thanks to Prof. Ashley Sarver for skillfully hosting the program, our Resident Assistants for graciously serving the meal, and to special guests like retired faculty who honor us by their presence. Enjoy the evening!


Gregg and Tammy Chenoweth

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