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Tammy and I welcome work colleagues and their spouses to this 73rd President’s Dinner! That’s a long time. Our professional forefathers and mothers attended the original Dinner in the late 1940s, having just been introduced to the Polaroid camera and the 33 rpm vinyl record. Today, we awe over Artificial Intelligence. My, how things have changed. What remains constant, however, is a called, competent, caring workforce for this University community! Not all universities are communities — of sufficient unity around common belief and practice. Our theme tonight is that we are “A Sent and Scented People” — sent by God as a remedy for our time and place, and doing this scented by the aroma of Christ (II Cor. 2:15–17). Our special thanks to our wonderful Director of Shalom Projects Esther Tueck, who hosts our program, to our Resident Assistants for serving the meal, and our special guests, especially with thanks to spouses who support their loved one’s valuable service to our great cause at Olivet.--Gregg and Tammy Chenoweth

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